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We offer the best quality from the world's most recognizable brands. Buying from us is getting value for money.
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We are a major importer and distributor of a wide range of quality household products which include; Sanitary Wares, Doors, Roofing sheets and so on.
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Best Quality Doors
Linksmann Associates Nig. Ltd. offers some of the best quality doors found in the market today. These doors ranges from Stainless Steel, Luxury , Turkey and so on.
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Linksmann Associates is your one stop shop for all your quality and affordable household building materials.

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We have hundreds of products ranging from Quality Security Doors, Premium Jacuzzi, Aesthetic Chandeliers, Exotic Sanitary Wares, Durable Roofing Sheets and so on.

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LINKSMANN ASSOCIATE NIG Ltd is limited liability Company known and a world – renowned importer of some of the finest building materials in Nigeria, a member LINKSMANN GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD.

it offers a mass market sells on building material to the general public. It continuously strives to meets the needs of its customers for total value by offering a unique package of location, price and services

Onyinye_okoroWe are very excited to work with everyone in ensuring that quality is maintained across all dealings.

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We don't just sell quality building materials and home items,but we also offer backed services like maintenance and repairs to customers and clients.